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24 Hour Blackmail

24 Hour Blackmail Fantasy Contract By Goddess Bree

The 24 Hour Blackmail Fantasy Contract by Goddess Bree is a new assignment that I’ve so generously put out on Niteflirt and IWantClips.  Are you curious about blackmail fantasy but have never taken the plunge?  This contract is only binding for 24 hours and will give you a taste of what it feels like to be completely at the mercy of Me.  After the 24 hours are up, all of your information that I’ve collected magically goes away and you’re free … that is unless you take on a full-time blackmail contract.  Lucky bitch!  you’re too weak to resist your Goddess.  Click the buy now button and fill out the contract if you dare.  Only $5.00 to sign the next 24 hours away!

24 Hour Blackmail Contract

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