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Assignments, Contracts, Questionnaires & Tasks

Welcome to My “Assignments” Pay To View Store addicts!  This is holy ground for weak minded slaves like you.  Below are all of My assignments, contracts, questionnaires and tasks that I have for sale via Niteflirt and IWantClips.  I know it’s overwhelming, isn’t it?  Don’t worry I’ll walk you through it … get on your knees and click one of the delicious photos below that speaks to you.  Your brain is already conditioned to click and pay so this won’t be hard!  Once you click, My website will redirect you to all the mindfucking information about this Pay To View and the buy now buttons will be right there in front of you waiting and taunting you.  Click either to buy it via Niteflirt or via IWantClips.  As you know these are My two favourite options because I get a bigger payout!  Once you’ve completed the transaction come back here and repeat.  Happy stroking and clicking!

24 Hour Blackmail
24 Hour Blackmail
The Fruit Fucker Challenge For Pathetic Males
The Fruit Fucker Challenge
Mean Bikini Game
Mean Bikini Game
Super Pig Application Now Available
Super Pig Application
Canada Day Humiliation Task
Canada Day Humiliation Task
Chastity Questionnaire For Compulsive Masturbator's
Chastity Questionnaire
slave application
Slave Application
Skype ID For Goddess Bree
Buy My Skype ID
Are you a sissy?
Sissy Questionnaire
Welcome To BROKEville Is A Dangerous New Pay To View
Welcome To BROKEville
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