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Double Domme Takeover

Double Domme Takeover

Meet My BFF, Fallon (AKA Miss Fortune), and We have some very exciting news!  We have decided to take over your loser lives for the better really in a Double Domme Takeover.  Oh that’s right … I know you’re squirming with anticipation!

I have known Miss Fortune for about 10 years now and We’re pretty much joined at the hip.  She is a fellow Dominant Goddess and from time to time We have taken phone calls together.  Some of you have actually been lucky enough to have called when We were together.  But now We are upping the stakes!  In the VERY near future We will have a Double Domme Niteflirt listing.  Keep glued to My website for when this life changing event happens.

But for now the first step of Our master plan is to pass you around like the piece of meat you are.  That’s right losers!  It’s time to play pass the dork.  The opportunity to have two Gorgeous Dominant Goddess’s passing you back and forth almost never happens.  So this is really life changing!

Double Domme Takeover

The rules are very simple!  Call Me and beg to be passed around.

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

Double Domme Takeover

I will give you strict orders and send you on your way to Miss Fortune!  Then you may call Her.  And don’t forget to tell Her that Goddess Bree says, “Hi!”  Then beg her to be passed back and forth.  And don’t worry … we’ll be checking in with each other daily!

Call Miss Fortune Rules for phone sex on

And so on and so forth.  But I will warn you … Miss Fortune and I are very greedy and We have tactics that will blow your mind.  your insignificant cock be forever addicted to Us!  you’ve been warned.

error: Goddess Bree says \"No Stealing\"