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“Financial domination (also known as money slavery) is a fetish lifestyle, in particular a practice of Dominance and submission, where usually a male submissive or money slave, pay pig, human ATM, or cash piggie will give gifts and money to a financial female (or male) dominant (also known as money mistress, findomme, money domme, “cash master”, “findom”).

The relation may often be accompanied by other practices of BDSM and female domination or male domination, like erotic humiliation, but there may be virtually no further intimacy between the individuals. The relationship between the ‘slave’ and the ‘mistress'(or ‘master’) may take place solely via online communication, but it is not uncommon that the ‘slave’ may accompany his mistress while she (or he) is shopping and paying with his (or her) money.

Such a relationship between individuals may be similar to, yet clearly distinguishable from, relationships based on Total Power Exchange. In the latter one, the submissive may grant all his or her money saved and earned to the dominant, in addition with much more aspects of his or her autonomy, but it is not uncommon that both partners have an intimate relationship as well. The fetish of financial domination fetish should also be distinguished by Sugar daddy/Sugar babe-like relations between individuals, where the male may spend gifts and money to ‘his’ girl, without explicit elements of female domination.

Financial domination is a paraphilia stemming from a devotion of financial slavery or to be dominated in a financial way. Many pro-dommes and femdommes found this to be a natural extension for any professional dominatrix who is already being paid for fetish services, and began to exploit it with clients who shared her fetish. Some domme clients were aroused as much by giving money to a dominant woman, as they were by any fetishes they may have been coming to see her for. The dominatrix may also be aroused from being financially worshiped.”

Goddess Bree's Journy Into Financial Domination

While I do agree with some of Wikipedia’s definition … I don’t agree with all of it.  But I’m not getting into what I think is right or wrong because Financial Domination is different for every Findom and every money slave.  What I do know is what Financial Domination means to Me and how much I love the fetish!

I have been doing Financial Domination professionally for some time now.  I have always been a Superior Female and known that I was Dominant, but I didn’t actually know about the fetish Financial Domination until My early 20’s.

I have always known that by a certain word that I say, the flick of My hair in the right direction or My sheer Dominant behaviour that radiates off of Me, that I can make a weak male do whatever I want.  Like I’ve said before … you are easy prey!

So after a few years of easily getting what I want from submissive’s (and even some high power alpha’s – or so they claimed to be) I decided to introduce Myself properly to the world of kink and fetishes.  your Goddess came into the world of kink with guns blazing and stomping all over your weak ego’s.  Let’s just say I was at the top almost instantly, but there was never any doubt that I would be.  

Once into the scene I came to find out and do some research on Financial Domination. Which was pretty much what I had been doing … I just didn’t know what the proper name for it was.  Financial Domination is born in Me, it’s an instinct that I possess and all of you submissive males reading this website are totally fucked because you will undoubtedly become hooked and addicted to Me! 

Goddess Bree's Definition of financial domination

My definition of Financial Domination and what it is to Me is pretty simple, even you dorks can wrap your head around this.  It is when a slave that’s owned by Me or even a potential slave who is on their way to submitting to Me feels an overwhelming pull for Me to take total control of their wallet, their credit cards and all of their finances.  slaves get a euphoric feeling when their cash is in My hands and they know that it’s their sole purpose in life to submit to Goddess Bree.

Almost always Financial Domination is accompanied by some other form or forms of fetish. Whether it’s foot worship, humiliation, CBT, jerk off instruction, etc … it all stems from an inept urge that is engrained (usually by Me) in the submissive to submit financially.  Mindfucking certainly comes into play and I am a pro at reaching into your brain and reprogramming it to My liking.  With the use of My curves, My manipulation tactics and My deviant brain it’s not a question of if you’ll submit … it’s when you’ll submit.

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