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The Fruit Fucker Challenge For Pathetic Males

Fruit Fucker Challenge For Pathetic Males

The Fruit Fucker Challenge is for pathetic males who just can’t get laid.  Try as you might no girl will EVER have sex with you, they don’t even want to date you.  you are a loser and girl’s know it.  After being rejected time and time again you’ve come to realize that your place is solely at My feet and worshiping Me.  your place on this earth is to Worship Me, take orders from Me and spoil Me.  Those are the only rules that applies to your life.

This Fruit Fucker Challenge is really a present from Me … you’re finally going to get some.  Not with an actual girl though!  Buy this challenge for $3.00 and follow all the instructions.  You will be thanking Me for the opportunity later for your little cocklette getting some action.  Instructions are inside this pay to view and be sure to leave what little dignity you have at the door!

The Fruit Fucker Challenge

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