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Drive You Wife Away For Me (Homewrecking)

Homewrecking Audio: Drive Your Wife Away For Me

My newest homewrecking audio is now available.  Life as you know it is over loser!  you’re stupid wife get’s in the way of you serving Me so let’s get rid of the problem. This audio recording has specific instructions on how to drive your wife away for Me. Just the solution to your problem. Listen as I degrade her and get that submissive pecker into an upright position so that you’re thinking with the right head. By the time you’ve listened to this audio recording and finish each and every task I have for you … you’re wife will be running out the door with her suitcase in hand.  Getting rid of your wife so you can worship Me properly is only $6.99.  A very good price slave!

Runtime: 5 minutes and 36 seconds
Audio Formats: MP3 & WAV

Homewrecking Audio:  Drive Your Wife Away For Me

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