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I Hold The Key

I Hold The Key

Are you ready to be locked up in chastity and suffer for Goddess Bree?  My new video:  I Hold The Key is a mindfucking form of torture for those little cocks that deserve nothing more than to be locked up.

your wish has finally come true! you’ve been begging Me for months to lock you up tight and hold the key. And now the key to your chastity device has arrived to Goddess Bree in the mail.  I now hold ALL THE POWER! That worthless cock is locked up tight, aching to be let out, aching for release and I hold the key. Watch as I taunt you and tease you with the key until your worthless piece of manhood is straining against your cage. I hold the key, I hold all the POWER and I the key to your freedom is hanging safely around My neck! I will have you begging for release!

Price:  $8.99

Video:  MP4 (High Definition 1080p)

Runtime:  7 minutes & 21 seconds

I Hold The Key

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