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Pay To Stroke: Part 1

Pay To Stroke: Part #1

I love making you pathetic males play stroking games, actually I am very well-known for it.  And if you’ve called Me on Niteflirt before then you definitely have played Pay To Stroke.  So since this game is sooooo popular and you stroking addicts just can’t get enough.  I’ve decided to make a pay to view series for you to buy when I’m not taking calls.

A mind blowing six part series that will hook you again and again!  Sounds delicious!  Each stage of the game has a video clip of ME in it teasing the fuck out of you until you are begging to pay for the privilege to stroke.  And as you are well aware of you don’t get to stroke for free.  Every stroke costs you!  Pay To Stroke:  Part #1 only starts at $5 … start this series now by clicking the buy now button below.

Price:  $5.00

Video:  MP4 High Definition (1080p)

Runtime: 6 minutes & 31 seconds

Pay To Stroke:  Part #1

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