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Super Pig Application Now Available

Super Pig Application Now Available

Do you dream of being a super pig?  A super pig by My definition is:

“Goddess Bree’s own form of financial domination.  A super pig is a male/female that is under financial slavery to Me.  They beg to Serve Me with their wallets and don’t make any excuses.  Their retirement fund is MINE, their 401K’s are MINE, their credit cards are MINE and their entire paychecks are MINE.  They live to make Me happy … plain and simple.”

Only a select few super pigs will be allowed to be housed in My elite pig pen.  If your application is accepted you will have to endure a vigorous training program specially modified and perfected by Me.  Their will be cash everywhere!  So do you think you have what it takes to be housed in Goddess Bree’s elite pig pen?  Click one of the buy now buttons below and fill out the application.  Send Me a quick email to say that you’ve applied and then you wait to see if you’ve been accepted.  $25 to apply … get clicking!

Super Pig Application

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