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What Get's Me Off? Taking All Of Your Hard Earned Money!

What Get’s Me Off? Taking All Of Your Hard Earned Money!

Do you want to know what get’s Me off?  Taking all of your hard earned money of course!  My fetish is Financial Domination.  The feeling that I get when you hand over your most important asset, your money, get’s My motor revving.  And this week you have been doing a very good job slaves!

Here is some tribute porn from the last few days to get your little cocklette’s hard and eager to spend.

See what I mean … delicious!

If you aren’t conditioned to My brand of Goddess Financial Domination yet then CLICK HERE!  Even if money slavery is just a pipe dream that pops up in your head now and then … go and explore it.  I will crawl deep inside your submissive brain and reprogram you to pay for every single stroke that you take.

Update Of My Goddess Life

I updated all of My minions on Twitter today about what My day would consist of!  While you were home jerking off to My photos, videos and audios … I was out living My perfect life.  Just the way it should be!  Below is what I tweeted today.




Financial Domination Hypnosis Video

Financial Domination Hypnosis Video

Buy My brand new mindfucking Financial Domination Hypnosis video!  Being hypnotized by the greedy Goddess Bree is a life altering event for you jerking zombies so get prepared.  This video will have you conditioned and completely brainwashed into Financial Domination.  By the end you will be begging to pay and paying without even thinking about it.  All of you submissive males will know how good it feels to submit to Me with your wallet.  Just thinking of Me holding all of your hard earned cash in My perfectly manicured hands is a trigger in itself.

Let the trigger words engrain into your brain will automatically reprogram when you hear it and be totally conditioned to those trigger words.  Make sure the volume is turned up really loud so that you can hear the finger snaps along with your trigger words and be sure to wear headphones addicts.  Only $4.99 … such a small price to pay to hook you!

Video: MP4 Format
Length: 3 minutes and 36 seconds
Format: High Definition

Financial Domination Hypnosis Video

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