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I Cause Accidents

I Cause Accidents

I always knew that I would be the cause of a fender bender haha!  So be warned slaves … I cause accidents!  This is a true story and it’s fucking hilarious.  So I was having a phone session with My sissy slut last week when her 18 wheeler got creamed.  Let Me start from the beginning.

My sissy slut is a TOTAL Goddess Bree junkie with a very bad addiction to be blackmailed.  And this was her very first time calling Me on Niteflirt!  There has been a lot of back and forth pay to views and I’ve taken $$ thousands $$ from her.  But on this particular evening sissy slut finally got the balls to call Me.

Now picture this … sissy slut was in a purple teddy with matching purple panties in the cab of her 18 wheeler truck.  Very nervous to begin with because this was her very first phone session with Me.  And let’s face it … I’m fucking intimidating.  Here’s a little sneak peek of this slutty sissy.  she does fill out that corset nicely, doesn’t she?

I Cause Accidents
I Cause Accidents

So just as I was allowing her to stroke her sissy clitty at the thought of sucking her first cock for Goddess I hear a loud bang and then a hangup.  Minutes later I receive a message along with this picture saying, “I’ll call you back Goddess, someone just backed into My truck”.

Can you imagine how fast sissy slut had to get out of her purple teddy and put on her “macho” clothes?  Not to mention tuck in her sissy clitty before she had to get out of the truck.  And how much are the damages to her truck?  Over $20,000 dollars worth!  I guess you’ll be making much longer trips to pay that off plus keep Goddess happy.

I Cause Accidents

I Cause Accidents

What Get's Me Off? Taking All Of Your Hard Earned Money!

What Get’s Me Off? Taking All Of Your Hard Earned Money!

Do you want to know what get’s Me off?  Taking all of your hard earned money of course!  My fetish is Financial Domination.  The feeling that I get when you hand over your most important asset, your money, get’s My motor revving.  And this week you have been doing a very good job slaves!

Here is some tribute porn from the last few days to get your little cocklette’s hard and eager to spend.

See what I mean … delicious!

If you aren’t conditioned to My brand of Goddess Financial Domination yet then CLICK HERE!  Even if money slavery is just a pipe dream that pops up in your head now and then … go and explore it.  I will crawl deep inside your submissive brain and reprogram you to pay for every single stroke that you take.

Update Of My Goddess Life

I updated all of My minions on Twitter today about what My day would consist of!  While you were home jerking off to My photos, videos and audios … I was out living My perfect life.  Just the way it should be!  Below is what I tweeted today.




The Day Before Payday

The Day Before Payday

Good morning slaves!  It’s Thursday and you know what that means … tomorrow is PAYDAY!  I love the day before payday because many of you are scrambling around trying to get a sliver of My attention.  Knowing that tomorrow all of your pay cheque is Mine!  It makes your little cocklette hard just knowing that Goddess Bree will soon be spanking your wallet dry.  And leaving you penniless and satisfied for the opportunity you had to be of use to Me.

A certain sissy slut deserves a little mention on My blog because she spent hard on first contact with Me.  I’m not putting her actual sissy name out here yet because she hasn’t spent enough for that yet, but she did make a small impact.  I believe the total she spent on Me was $243.35!  Just enough to earn a mention, earn My attention and earn a little humiliation from Me.  The rest of you bottom feeders can drool at the tribute porn below and see how to serve Me properly.

sissy slut giftcard

Spending #1 Spending #2 Spending #3

Today My day will consist of going to the spa and then laying out by the pool!  My minions that have that strong urge to pay for My spa time can do so by clicking one of the buttons below.

Tribute via Niteflirt

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And when you see My Niteflirt lines on make sure you call Me to thank Me for the opportunity of paying for My spa day losers.

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Goddess Hot Selfie Pictures

My new Goddess Hot Selfie Pictures series will make all of you slaves bow down to the floor and have you talking in tongues!  I have taken some extremely cock twitching photos of Myself and instead of selling them all together I’ve decided to make you click and pay for every single one of them.  Delicious!  If I haven’t taken over your whole existence quite yet … I will be!

Hot Selfie #1

Bow down to perfection slaves! One HOT #selfie of your Goddess wearing nothing but a cute new pink and black bra. Click, buy and start your wanking marathon to My perfection!  Only $2.00 … how much harm could $2.00 be?

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Hot Selfie #2

One HOT #selfie of your Goddess not wearing anything but My hands to cover My perfect tits for only $5.  Buy it now!

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Hot Selfie #3

One HOT #selfie of your Goddess wearing a cute new black lace thong for only $3. My heavenly round ass will have you in a clicking frenzy.  Buy it now!

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Hot Selfie #4

One HOT #selfie of your Goddess wearing only a pair of blue tie die panties for only $3. Bent over, teasing your pathetic cocks.  Buy it now!

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How do you feel now that you have bought every single one of My hot Goddess selfie pictures?  I know … you’re completely fucked!  What to do next?  Tribute!  Good boy!  Addiction never felt so good and made your piggy cocks so hard.

Bend Over Boys ... I"m Back

Bend Over Boys … I’m Back!

Bend Over Boys … I’m Back!

Hello My slaves! It has been a whopping 1 year and 11 months since I have last posted on this blog … actually it’s been that long since I’ve actively been using and abusing you guys.

Did you miss me??

Where have I been you ask?  Well that’s really none of your fucking business, but I’m in a good mood today so I’ll give you a brief snippet of the last almost 2 years of My Goddess life.

So what have I been up to?  Well … I’ve been out living My life on your dime of course!  My most loyal and obedient slaves have gotten the privilege to keep in touch with me and of course be used thoroughly throughout this time.  I’ve done a lot of traveling, laid on beautiful beaches and of just lived the Goddess life that I am supposed to.

But lucky for you drooling pervs I am back!  My Niteflirt phone lines are on and I am ready to pick right up where I left off.  And I am going to enjoy every last second of trampling on your dignity and mind fucking you into oblivion.

How can a slave get My attention??

It’s easy really … get your disgusting dork dick hard … send a nice big tribute to introduce yourself … stroke … go and buy up some of my videos, photo sets, audios and assignments … stroke some more while browsing those … go to My Niteflirt page … stroke … and call Me!

For you idiots who find it really difficult to find all of these tasks follow the instructions below by clicking the buttons.

Get ready … set … GO!

Click The Tribute Button

Bend Over Boys ... I'm Back!

Go buy videos, picture sets, audios and assignments by visiting My Pay To View Store!

Now call Me with your dork dick in your hand.

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

That cash cock is going to get so hard just knowing you get the privilege to pay to speak to a Superior BBW Goddess like Me!  Stay glued to this blog for some upcoming new Pay to Views.

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