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Friday Night Goddess Worship

Friday Night Goddess Worship

you’re insignificant cocks are so sore today, aren’t they?  All that Friday Night Goddess Worship really put you dorks into a stroking frenzy!  Haha!  It’s been ages since I’ve taken any calls on NiteFlirt, but as soon as I turned on My phone lines you were all eagerly waiting.  But to be fair, I’ve been teasing the fuck out of you dorks this week!  My hot new MP3 audio, First Glory Hole Experience, has swallowed you sissy’s whole and spit you back out.

Actually, that was the main topic last night for all My eager sissy’s.  If you haven’t bought it yet … do it NOW by clicking HERE.  I want this goody bag to be on the top-selling list for this week.  And Goddess Bree always get’s what She wants.  Don’t forget to leave Me feedback … let all the other sissy whore’s know how much you loved this goody bag!

Besides all the endless cock sucking training I graced My sissy gurl’s with last night, Financial Domination was a HOT topic.  And you know that nothing makes My panties wetter than when you spend hard!  I even had some new sub’s testing the waters on My Financial Domination Line!  Delicious! At a sexy $3.50 per minute, amazon gift cards flowing into My account.  When I went to bed last night I was feeling satisfied, which doesn’t happen very often.

Here’s some tribute porn to keep My spending junkies horny to give Me their cash!

Goddess Worship

Friday Night Goddess Worship

Friday Night Goddess Worship

Friday Night Goddess Worship

Most of the gifts I’ve received this week are from sissy suzette and I can’t really remember who else sent gift cards.  It’s not important … what’s important is that you spent hard and got Me everything I desired!  So all of you drone’s with your dicklette’s in your hand stroking right now to the gifts I received … FOLLOW SUIT!  I am ONLY accepting gift cards now.  Click … Pay … Stroke … Repeat!

Amazon gift cards are to be sent to My email:

I’m going to slip on that delicious bikini today and get out in the sun!  I may even turn on My Niteflirt phone lines again and I know you’ll be eagerly waiting to hear Goddess’s voice.

Call BBW Goddess Bree for phone sex on

Chastity Questionnaire For Compulsive Masturbator's

Chastity Questionnaire For Compulsive Masturbator’s

My chastity questionnaire for compulsive masturbator’s is a MUST if you’re a jerking junkie!  Rule #1 when serving Goddess Bree:  no stroking unless I instruct it.  For most of you hand humpers this is impossible because your teeny tiny shrimp dick get’s hard every time you talk with Me on the phone or buy a pay to view from Me.  That little cocklette just can’t stand being in My presence (well it actually does stand at attention).  you need structure in your jerk off life and I am here to lay down the law.

Buy this questionnaire, fill it out and send it back to Me.  It’s that simple!  I will then make the decision if you need to be locked up by Me in a chastity device, with Me holding the key.  Chances are though that if you’re filling this out you do.  Take your hand off your cock and click the buy now buttons below … that’s an order!

Chastity Questionnaire

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