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Worship Goddess Bree


As I am a Superior Goddess I demand to be spoiled and pampered!  With My specialty being Financial Domination, I of course am accustom to the finer things in life and expect them.  Sending a tribute is the best way to get My attention and really the only way.  And lucky for you I have lots and LOTS of ways your can Tribute.

Stroke and click a payment button!

Send Amazon Gift Cards By Email

Amazon gift cards are a MUST when serving Me!  

Here’s how it works slaves:

I only … let me repeat this again … I ONLY accept Amazon gift cards.

All Amazon Gift Cards Will Be Sent To My Email:

Tribute via IWantClips

Feed your addiction to Me by clicking!

Other Email Gift Cards That I Love

All email gift cards are to be sent to My email:

Click Here to send Me a Tim Hortons Gift Card (Choose the email delivery method)

E-Transfer's For Canadian Slaves

This is My absolute favourite method because 100% of the cash goes right into My bank account!  Delicious!  All you have to do is log into you online banking and select “Send an E-Transfer”, add the amount you’re sending and put in My email address!  Hit send and instant money right into My account!

Don’t worry … all of your banking information is kept private.  All I will see is your email address.

All Canadian E-Transfer’s are to be sent to My email:


Listed below are all of the taxes that applies to submissive males who strive to be a little less pathetic by paying with their wallet.  Pick the taxes that apply to you and click them often!

You can pay with any of the above methods of tribute for these.  Pick a method and start clicking … it feels so good to pay for your short cummings!

Oh and don’t forget to leave a little note that explains what taxes you are paying for!

  • Small Penis Tax - you just don't add up pindick - $10
  • Loser Tax - It's simple ... you're a loser ... pay up dork - $7
  • Cum Tax - Did you cum without My permission? That's going to cost you - $20
  • Mindfuck Tax - Hypnosis and brainwash junkies need to pay this tax. you have NO choice - $25
  • Lurker Tax - Have you been hanging out and drooling at My website? Nothing is free - $20
  • Hit By The Ugly Stick Tax - you're gross ... that's all I need to say - $50
error: Goddess Bree says \"No Stealing\"